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Professional & Full-Service
Mold Remediation in Duluth, MN

North Shore Restore has decades of mold removal experience. We are a locally owned emergency restoration and mold remediation company located in Duluth, MN. We are on-call and available 24/7 for all your emergency cleanup needs. If you notice mold stains on your property or have a musty smell that lingers, it means you have an overgrowth of mold. Mold spores can multiply and spread throughout your home. Luckily, our experienced team can safely remove mold from basements, crawl spaces, kitchens, bathrooms, and attics.

What is
Mold Remediation?

Mold is typically the result of water damages that were not removed and restored by a professional. Water damages to your property can cause water to find its way into areas you cannot see. This is usually your crawlspaces, floors, and walls. Once water is trapped, it sits, where it becomes the perfect
storm for mold to grow. Mold loves a damp and dark area. Once mold begins to grow, the spores can form quickly, which will result in mold stains. Once you have visible mold stains, it evens the mold spores have bred and moved throughout your property. At this point, you will need a professional such
as North Shore Restore to perform mold remediation on your Duluth or neighboring areas property.

Do I need Mold REmediation?

If you are on this page, you likely need mold remediation. Mold remediation is a very comprehensive process that includes removing all mold damaged materials and using cleansing agents to ensure no mold will continue to grow. If all mold is not correctly removed from your home or business, it will continue to breed and grow out of hand. Our mold remediation specialists will take the time to remove mold from all areas of your Duluth property carefully. We will check crawlspaces, attics, basements, and between walls to ensure all mold is safely removed and disposed of. Mold can cause severe allergies and make you quite ill. If you have allergies that last year-round, see mold or water stains, and have a musty smell, give North Shore Restore a call as soon as possible for mold remediation!