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Water Damage FAQ’s That You Need to Know

At North Shore Restore, we are proud of the reputation we have established for delivering outstanding, water damage restoration for our Duluth MN residents. Our goal is to eliminate water damage problems fast as possible. We also want to maintain full transparency, so we’ve compiled a series of questions and answers, which will give you a much clearer picture of what to expect when you contact us for help.
Should I Contact My Insurance Company First?

If a storm or other calamity strikes your home, insurance companies generally prefer that you contact us before them. So if your basement, house, or business has a flood, contact North Shore Restore immediately. We will get our trucks to your property as quickly as possible, perform an immediate inspection, and with your permission, start removing the water from the property. Throughout the process we will work closely with your insurance company to make a claim. We’ll also work directly with the insurance company’s adjuster to expedite the claim.

What Exactly Is The Water Damage Remediation Process?

The vert first step is to extract all water from the affected area. Once all water is removed our technicians use state-of-the-art dehumidifiers and other tools to dry up any residual water and moisture to combat mold growth. The timeframe for this step depends on the extent of the water found on the premises. After drying moisture meters and thermal imaging cameras are used to ensure that the area is truly dry. We take this extra step to give you peace of mind that you won’t have to worry about mold developing in the future. Many times we may have to remove affected drywall, deep-clean carpets and furniture, repair flooring, clean out your HVAC ducts, or remove existing mold that we have discovered.

How Long Does The Water Damage Restoration Take?

There are two phases in the water damage restoration process. In the first phase, we perform any demolition, cleaning and drying tasks needed to proceed. Generally, this phase takes three or four days, though it might take longer if there is significant damage. The second phase of the includes repairs and fluctuates depending on the extent of the damage. We’ve performed restorations in which the second phase may last only a few days and others where it lasted for weeks, but we’ll be sure to communicate with you and let you know what to expect.

Is Our Company Fully Certified

The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) monitors the standards that North Shore Restore follows when performing a cleanup or water damage restoration project. You can trust North Shore Restore with your project because we require our technicians and managers alike to follow IICRC guidelines closely. All employees of North Shore Restore are certified with the IICRC.

What Are The Different Types Of Water Damage?

There are three types of water, of which, each can accompany a flood. It is important to understand the differences between them because they can potentially cause harm to whomever may still be living on the property. The three types of water damage are as follows:

Clean Water: A broken water supply line or an overflowing sink poses no risk to the inhabitants of the property. It can, however, damage flooring and highly porous materials.

Grey Water: Greywater losses can cause illnesses because it contains a significant amount of physical, chemical, or biological contamination.

Black Water: Black water is dangerous. Serious illnesses due to pathogens are sometimes found in water. Black water is considered grossly contaminated. It comes from seawater, ground surface water, and sewage backups.

What Are The Most Common Signs Of Water Damage?

If you are suffering a significant flood in your home or place of business, contact us right away to get the water damage under control. There are some signs your home may be showing that are due to a water damage that didn’t result from a significant flood. Peeling wallpaper and paint, visible mold, moisture and condensation, musty odors, and damp or wet carpets and rugs are all common signs of water damage. These need to be addressed immediately upon discovery.

Can I Clean Up Water Damage Myself?

The most difficult part about water damage is how invisible and tricky it can be. What may appear to look dry may have water damage beneath which can develop into mold and cause serious damage. Before doing anything it’s a good idea to get pictures of the incident for your records. Before you begin to clean make a list of damaged items and areas. After doing this, there are a few things you can do, such as mopping up excess water and opening windows. As willing as you may be to do this yourself there is no way to know for sure if the water damage is cleaned up. If a water damage professional like North Shore Restore isn’t called you will have no assurances. Water damage professionals have the tools, expertise, and knowledge to ensure your home is safe, dry, and free from water damage. 

How Long Does It Take To Dry My Property Out And Get Back To Normal?

The answer to this question depends on two things: first, the extent of the water damage to your property and two, how quickly you call us. What may be moderate water damage can worsen and become severe water damage if you don't address the situation immediately. Every property is different as is  each situation. We respond promptly and utilize creative solutions to restore your home like new. Regardless of the issue we are dedicated to restoring your property as quickly and effectively as we can.

Why Choose North Shore Restore?

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We Put Our Customers Interests First

We often ask ourselves why it is we do what we do, it’s about the people in Duluth. Helping our customers and their property recover from water damage is our prime mission!

Fast Emergency Response

We are there for you  24/7 365 days a year. If you need help restoring your damaged property we are only a phone call away and will usually be there in one hour or less. 

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Free Inspections And Consultations

Our experts are here for you. Eliminate all the noise and confusion with a free inspection and a detailed estimate of all your damage restoration costs.

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Licensed - Certified - Insured

We are water damage professionals that have extensive specialized knowledge and the  experience to do the required restoration work. Your satisfaction is always 100% guaranteed.

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Standardized Industry Pricing

Every insurance carrier across the nation has standardized prices and they are preferred for seamlessly resolving of water damage restoration claims. We adhere to them.