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Sewage Cleanup Services

Sewage inside or outside your property is considered an emergency. Luckily, for the Duluth, MN, and surrounding areas, you have North Shore Restore. Our team of certified and insured hazardous materials specialists has the proper training, licensing, and skills to safely remove and dispose of any sewage on your property. Sewage can be extremely dangerous, and you must never attempt removal yourself. You should always call a professional for the safe removal of sewage.


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The Hazards of Sewage Services

Sewage can come in many different forms. It can be clear and have no smells or be dark and smell terrible. While you may think one is more dangerous than the other, they are both considered hazardous. Sewage is known to contain viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens that can make you incredibly ill. If you have sewage on your property, it is crucial that you contact North Shore Restore at any time, day, or night, for sewage damage restoration. We provide our restoration services to all of Duluth. Below are some of our Sewage Damage Restoration Services:


Sewage Water Cleanup & Removal


Toilet Overflow Cleanup


Septic Tank Backup & Overflow Cleanup


Decontamination & Odor Removal


Bio-Hazardous Cleaning & Disposal


Flooded Bathroom Cleanup


Odor Removal

Safe Removal
Cleanup & Decontamination

As you can see, sewage can come from an overflowing toilet or an outdoor septic tank.

If you have sewage on your property, it is important to remove everyone from the area and call a sewage damage restoration company such as North Shore Restore. At North Shore Restore, we take the proper precautions to ensure the safe removal, cleanup, and decontamination of your Duluth home or business. Sewage damage restoration is an extensive process, and with any damages, some could be unrecoverable. We do our best to ensure all your items are professionally restored, but losses could occur with any sewage or water damage. Luckily, we are familiar with insurance claims and can help you to understand the process better.

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