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Frozen Pipes and The Dangers They Can Cause to Your Property

With the onslaught of severe winter weather comes frozen pipes, which can cause significant damages to properties across the state. North Shore Restore is here to help! We will break down what causes frozen pipes and when you should call a restoration company for your frozen pipe damages.

What Causes Frozen Pipes to Occur?

Frozen pipes are a widespread problem during the winter. It can happen at any time, even if you have insulated pipes. Sometimes, the insulation is not enough to protect your pipes. If you ever notice your water pressure is non-existent or low after a winter storm, it is likely the result of a frozen pipe. Water freezes inside your pipe, blocking water from traveling into your home. A frozen pipe is larger at risk of bursting from the pressure inside the pipe. Even as it unthaws, the risk is still great.

What Must I Do If A Pipe Bursts?

If you have a frozen pipe that has burst, water will begin to pour into your property. If the burst pipe was located inside your home, the risk of water damages is greater. Water damages can happen quickly and, if not removed properly, can lead to costly repairs in the future, including mold remediation and structural rot. If you have water in the interior your home, it is crucial that you contact a restoration company for water removal and water remediation services. A water restoration company will remove the water with pumps and then use high powered fans to dry to the damaged area. Our team uses special equipment to find water beneath the surface. This is the water that you need to worry about. Hiring a professional will ensure that all the water is entirely removed, even the water beneath the surface and behind walls. If this water is left behind, it will cause mold to grow and breed, which causes even more costly repairs.

If your property has experienced water damages from a frozen pipe, do not hesitate to call a restoration company. They will be able to handle the water removal and restoration and ensure your home is free from water damages and back to its original shape in no time at all!

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