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5 Emergency Disasters That Occur In Homes and Businesses

Disasters rarely occur when you are expecting them. Which usually means you are not prepared for it! An emergency disaster is one that requires a quick response time in order to mitigate the damages. North Shore Restore provides fast emergency services, and below we will discuss five disasters that should be considered an emergency.


Fires can cause devastation to a property. Once the area has been cleared, who do you turn to? It is important to have a restoration company to handle fire damage restoration and cleanup. Fires come with more than just fire damages; they come with water damages as well. This can greatly increase the potential for property loss following the initial event. The faster the response, the better mitigated the destruction will be.

Water Damages

Water is fierce and can quickly cause extensive damages. Water damages can occur from faulty appliances, burst pipes, flooding, and storm damages. If you have water damages, it to vital that you contact a restoration company as soon as possible. Time is of great importance when dealing with water damages. The longer you wait, the more damages will occur.

Storm Damages

Storms can cause losses to the structure of your home, allowing water to pour into your property. When this occurs, it is considered an emergency. You will need a company that will act quickly to secure the area and begin water damage restoration. Never hesitate to call if you have storm and water damages.


Sewage is hazardous and can make you and your family ill. Interior and exterior sewage are both hazardous. If you have sewage backed up into some area of your home or business, it doesn’t matter the time of day; contact a professional immediately. Sewage contains viruses and bacteria and requires special equipment for the safe removal.


If you have any type of biohazard on your property, contact a professional immediately. Crime and trauma scenes can have many different biohazards, including blood, bodily fluids, tear gas, and even medical supplies. For the safety of you and your family, contact a biohazard company as soon as possible.

As you can see, some disasters are considered emergencies. The above five disasters should never wait, as time is of the essence. If you have a disaster emergency, contact North Shore Restore at any time. We are always available for disaster cleanup and restoration.

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