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Is Your Home At Risk Of Water Damage Problems

Water Damage Problems In Your Home Water damage problems are one of the most common and costly risks to homeowners. According to the Insurance Information Institute, water damage and freezing account for more than one billion dollars in insurance claims each year. There are many different ways that water damage problems can occur in a…

Storm Damage in Duluth MN
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5 Emergency Disasters That Occur In Homes and Businesses

Disasters rarely occur when you are expecting them. Which usually means you are not prepared for it! An emergency disaster is one that requires a quick response time in order to mitigate the damages. North Shore Restore provides fast emergency services, and below we will discuss five disasters that should be considered an emergency. Fires…

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The Importance of Swift Water Extraction

Water can cause extensive damages to your home or business. Water moves quickly; whether it be from storm damages, broken pipes, or faulty appliances, even small amounts of water can cause devasting damages within minutes. North Shore Restore is here for all your water extraction and restoration needs. We provide 24-hour emergency service and understand…

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Frozen Pipes and The Dangers They Can Cause to Your Property

With the onslaught of severe winter weather comes frozen pipes, which can cause significant damages to properties across the state. North Shore Restore is here to help! We will break down what causes frozen pipes and when you should call a restoration company for your frozen pipe damages. What Causes Frozen Pipes to Occur? Frozen…