Water Damaged Floor Duluth

The Importance of Swift Water Extraction

Water can cause extensive damages to your home or business. Water moves quickly; whether it be from storm damages, broken pipes, or faulty appliances, even small amounts of water can cause devasting damages within minutes. North Shore Restore is here for all your water extraction and restoration needs. We provide 24-hour emergency service and understand the importance of swift water extraction.

Water Extraction

As water flows into your home or business, it does not take a direct path. Water spreads out, entering tiny crevices and holes in the structure of your property. This allows water to seep beneath your carpets, into your furniture, and between your walls. As the water spreads out, it can enter other rooms of your property, causing even more damages. The longer the water lies in your home or business, the more damages occur. If the water is extracted quickly and the area dried, there is minimal damage to your property. If the water sits for hours, it seeps further into materials and beneath the surfaces, causing more and more damages. Water hidden in walls and under flooring is at a greater risk to cause structures to rot or for mold to start growing.

Water Damage Restoration Process

North Shore Restore provides quick response times 24 hours a day to ensure your water disaster is contained and restored as fast as possible. We specialize in water damage restoration, and that begins with fast response times and swift water extraction. Water is removed with large pumps. This allows the water to be removed faster than traditional methods. Once the majority of the water is extracted, we will start the drying process. We use different methods depending on the situation, and once the area is dried, we check to ensure all water has been fully removed. We then use sanitizing agents to ensure no mold will grow in the areas that experienced water damages. We work relentlessly to restore your property and ensure we mitigate your losses to water damages in the process.

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