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Biohazard and Trauma Cleanup – The Importance

Biohazards are very hazardous to your health and can come in different forms. Today we will be discussing trauma and crime scene biohazards. Both of these scenes can leave a lasting effect on the people involved. Our job is to try and ease any stress by handling the removal and cleanup of biohazards.

Trauma Scene

Trauma scenes are the results of suicide, shootings, or bodily injury, to name a few. When these situations occur, it is not only upsetting for the people involved but also overwhelming. North Shore Restore is here for our clients in their time of need. We will handle the removal and cleanup of all blood, bodily fluid, and other biohazards in the area. Needles and other medical equipment might be left behind if an ambulance was called to the scene. Once removed, we will sanitize the site so that you can continue with your life safely.

Crime Scene

No one ever wants a crime scene to occur on their property, but it does happen. A crime scene can leave behind many biohazards that are very hazardous to anyone in the area. Pepper spray and tear gas can leave lasting effects if you come into contact with one of these substances. Our team will handle the removal of tear gas and pepper spray, all while cleaning the area so it will be safe for your reentry. If medical professionals were called, a crime scene could have syringes and other medical supplies that a biohazard company should remove.

Biohazards from a trauma or crime scene can be dangerous, but it is also vital that you handle the removal sensitively. The client has most likely had a stressful time and could be devastated. North Shore Restore will work quickly and with compassion as we handle the cleanup.

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