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Flood Restoration – What Is The Process?

Flooding occurs from a variety of different scenarios. Faulty appliances, fires, flash flooding, burst pipes, and storms are all causes of flooding in properties. If your property has fallen victim to flooding, it is crucial that you contact a restoration company for your water-damaged property. Below, North Shore Restore will discuss the flood restoration process.

Water Removal

The first stage of the flood restoration process is water removal. All water will need to be removed. This usually happens through pumps that are set up strategically throughout the property. Once the water has been pumped, the next step is started. The property will need to be thoroughly dried.


The dryer process can take time. We use high-powered fans, and we fully dry all wet areas and furniture. We will work on drying each room, including areas of water beneath surfaces or in walls. This water is the most important to remove. If the water is left behind, rot and mold will begin to form on the property, causing even more damages. Once the property is fully dried and has been checked with special equipment, we will start repairing damages.


Once the area is dried and damaged areas are removed, we will disinfect areas, ensuring mold and mildew do not grow on the property. This is an important step, as mold can cause significant damages.

Damage Repairs

Our flood restoration specialists know and understand the importance of full flood restoration. This includes replacing damaged areas, like drywall and flooring. Our team is fully committed to the flood restoration process and will work with you and your insurance company to make certain you receive the best service possible.

If your property has flood or water damages, it is crucial to have a specialist remove the water and provide water damage and flood restoration to the property.

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