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Causes of Water Damage

Water damages are common and can occur from many different sources. North Shore Restore knows how devastating water damages can be to a property. For this reason, we like to give tips on ways to prevent water damages from occurring. If water damages do occur, we are here for all your water damage restoration needs. Below we will discuss some causes of water damage in properties.

Storm Damages

Storm damages are one of the more devasting causes of water damages to your home. Storms can cause structural damages to your property, which can lead to water pouring into your home. Water damages from storms can spread quickly to other areas of your home. If you have any storm damage, it is best to immediately call a company for tarp offs to protect your home from further water damages.

Leaky Roofs

Leaky roofs can happen for different reasons. The most common is a missing or broken shingle. If you have broken or missing shingles, it is best to have them repaired before any bad storms come through your area. Leaky roofs can cause water to leak into your attic and between your walls, which can cause mold to grow and structural damages to occur.

Leaky Or Burst Pipes

A burst or leaky pipe can be a literal nightmare. Water can quickly flood your home and cause major water damages. If you are home, the best way to stop water damage from leaky or burst pipes is by turning the water off to your home and then calling a restoration company for water removal and water damage cleanup.


Flash flooding is not a common occurrence, but it is one that can cause devastation to your property. A flash flood from storms or river flooding causes large volumes of water to enter your home, leaving damages and water in its wake.

Faulty Appliances

Hot water heaters, HVAC systems, and even dishwashers can cause major water damages. It is best to have your appliances checked and serviced regularly. If you notice problems, have them repaired immediately.

If you do have water damages, give North Shore Restore a call! We provide complete water removal and water damage restoration for your property.

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